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We're not perfect...sometimes we fight...

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but what if
     we learned
           to fight fair?

                                                                                 When Relationships Hurt:

We understand that sometimes we make unhealthy choices in life that tears at our trust and value of marriage. We also understand that there may be a feeling of lost hope or that you can never overcome this struggle, but you can. We know you can because we've walked this path before. We are living proof that God does heal the pain and hurt, that if we allow ourselves to walk thru the hurt together, we can reestablish trust and love for one another.

We won't say it will be easy, and we won't say that it will be an overnight healing because the fact of the matter is that it will take some time.  At times it will be 3 steps forward and sometimes 2 steps back but we want you to realize that restoration requires much patience. In the end, you can look back and you will realize how much it really does take to save your marriage and that future choices probably will be met with wiser consideration. That is real life but we promise, if we can help you understand the secret to loving and lasting relationships, you will have a marriage full of the abundance God promises.

Here are a few things we want you to consider if you are in this predicament

- Your marriage was at risk when you or your spouse lost the focus and intentionality it takes to sustain good communication.

- Recognize that It took some time to get here and it will take some time to get  out, so patience will definitely have to be a virtue. 

- The "D" word should never be mentioned during the time you are working to restore your lives together.

- Be open to matter what it takes, in order to get healthy relationally,  there will be a need for changes. It may be out of your comfort zone or you may have to think outside the box, but it will worth it.

- Finally, remain hopeful...even if it seems like all hope is gone. Remember, with God all things are possible. This is the time to deeply connect with Him and allow Him to work in you to pray for your  spouse.

We're here to help and support you. Please                             contact us.

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