Most guys going through something feel like they are facing the world alone...

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but they are never alone...all men share specific traits and ideas. Join our blog and catch up on what guys are sharing and talking about:

 Coaching For Men:

We believe that the One On One concept is designed to provide encouragement and support for any men that find themselves in difficult relational and emotional situations.
One On One builds relationships by using the "meeting men where  they are at" principle and is a means for men to be able to share their personal struggles with a mentor that may have experience in the area(s) they are struggling or going through.  

One On One has proven effective by providing "real world"  support,  encouragement, and Godly advice. Men have been set free from many struggles by coming to the realization that they don't have to walk alone through the tough times. Sometimes all a man needs to have is someone that is "Jesus with skin on" in their lives. 

Coaching For Ladies

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Woman 2 Woman... God has so uniquely designed women with  various needs and He has many specific ways in which to meet those needs according to His divine plan. Of course, God always desires that we should run to Him first and foremost to share what is on our hearts. 
In addition, He may provide other godly women to come alongside us as we walk through some of life’s most challenging times. It is in these times that we may find it difficult to find someone who will listen with a discerning heart and seek God and His Word for wisdom.
Prayerfully, go to God first and ask Him to guide you in the next steps He would have you take. Then if He sends you our way, know that we offer a safe, non-threatening  environment for heart-to-heart conversations to take place and where confidentiality is certain. 

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