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Premarital Education

Because you said, "Yes".

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And now that you both are ready, it's time to decide how you will move forward...

We are so excited when we get to provide premarital education to a couple because it give us an incredible opportunity to speak life into their relationship.
A quality premarital program should provide a great foundation for a couple to begin their lives together instead of "surprises" after the wedding. We believe we have the very best programs available. 
Premarital is the single best investment a couple can make together that will pay "big time" benefits towards the marriage.

The Relational Wellness Center uses two powerful, productive, and personal programs that helps determine the relational health of you and your fiance as a couple. We do this by having a couple take and complete an online assessment that qualifies areas in your relationship that are strong and areas that need improvement. These areas cover communication skills, conflict resolution, intimacy, finances and many more.

We would definately appreciate an opportunity to speak with you and describe the benefits you and your fiance would gain by investing in this assessment.

We have partnered with the Twogether in Texas Premarital program which provide a $60 discount on your marriage license when you apply for it at the court house.


Get in touch with us right now so we can send you            the Premarital Optons available to you...

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