Registration & Rates 

Premarital Offerings

 Prepare Enrich- Private & Personal - is for couples looking for very private and personalized attention
                                                                       Generally 5 to 7 sessions.

 Registration Fee: $460 (Includes: Electronic assessment, workbooks, and all counseling   sessions)
  Two Payment Options for Prepare Enrich Private & Personal:
           a. Option 1 - If you choose  to pay the total amount up front your cost is only $400                                            
           b. Option 2- You can choose to pay a non-refundable deposit of $100 to register, then                                   
                                 $60  per session thereafter.
SYMBIS Private & Personal - is for couples seeking private and personalized attention. SYMBIS generally takes 4-5 sessions to complete.                           

                                                                             Registration Fee: $350 (includes assessment,
                                                                                  workbooks, and all counseling sessions. 
                                                                              Option 1: $300 if paid in full at registration
                                                                              Option 2: $100 (non-refundable) paid at registration and $62.50 for the                                                                                                                      next 4 sessions
Premarital One Day Offerings

Prepare Enrich or SYMBIS One Day Seminaris a consideration if you are  wanting a one day, 8 hour program. Classes are generally held on various Saturdays (On other days if available) Couple results are not addressed in a couple specific nature due to the public format, but are discussed in generalities.

          Registration Fee -  $300 per couple (Includes: All workbooks and one day session)

          (For Premarital Couples) Prepare Enrich & SYMBIS Programs are approved by Twogether in                        Texas and provides a $60 discount on the marriage license when you apply for it at your local                     county clerk’s office.

                              Private Marriage/Relationship Coaching                               


Marriage Enrichment (couple to couple)                                                               

Marriage Needing Help(crisis)                                                                                 


Private Mens Coaching                                                                                             

Private Ladies Coaching                                                                                            

$50 per 50 minute session

$65 per 50 minute session

Mens Sexual Issues Coaching                                      $50 per 50 minute session                       

Prepare Enrich Certification   

                                    $195 per unit (couple or single               
We understand that sometimes you may need some financial assistance and if that is the case for you please speak to us so we can better understand your circumstances and perhaps offer some assistance.

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