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Because Relationships are better...

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You are SO very special!!!

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You ARE Special!

You are so very special to God and therefore special to us...This is why we commit to providing the very best opportunities for you to learn and understand the Secrets to a life long relationship.


It's the time we take with you personally in order to understand you and your unique situations. This allows us to better support you as a client, provide practical options, and encourage you in your choices now and in the future. It means the world to us that you trust us, feel comfortable and feel safe around us. If we can't provide this "safe zone", then you will not confide in us or trust what we say, and this would hamper progress in our sessions.


We believe that if we can make you feel valued and special by accepting you exactly where you are at in life, it will open doors to a successful collaboration between us.


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"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"

How can we serve you?

Considering Premartal Education?


We are so excited when we get to provide premarital education to a couple because it give us an incredible opportunity to speak life into their relationship. A quality premarital program should provide a great foundation to begin their lives together instead of "surprises" after the wedding. We believe we have the very best programs available. 


Enriching an already great marriage is always a great idea!

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Relationships done the right way...We recognize that being married sometimes becomes seemingly routine and we have had great results in helping married couples take proactive steps to enrich their special relationships. We have been trained and certified in specific programs that have a great record of success in maintaining satisfying & healthy relationships. 

BUT...We understand

Sometimes we hit a hurdle and we need help...

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I wonder if she still loves me?
I wonder if he still loves me?

When Relationships Hurt:   We understand that sometimes we make unhealthy choices in life that tears at our trust and value of marriage. We also understand that there may be a feeling of lost hope or that you can never overcome this struggle, but you can. We know you can because we've walked this path before.


We are living proof that God does heal the pain and hurt, that if we allow ourselves to walk thru the hurt together, we can reestablish trust and love for one another. We won't say it will be easy, and we won't say that it will be an overnight healing because the fact of the matter is that it will take some time.


At times it will be 3 steps forward and sometimes 2 steps back but we want you to realize that restoration requires much patience. In the end, you can look back and you will realize how much it really does take to save your marriage and that future choices probably will be met with wiser consideration.


That is real life but we promise, if we can help you understand the secret to loving and lasting relationships, you will have a marriage full of the abundance God promises.


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